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Now making real estate maintenance complaints for your apartment, office or shop is easy than before. Just download our mobile app WeFixIt and start making complaints.

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Complaint Feed

The process of filing your complaint has never been easier. Just log into the app and file complaint using our easiest smart complaints process and filters tailored to your needs. Set appointments at your convenience and keep track of your complaint via in-app communication services. Once the issue is resolved, register it as completed issue and rate your service!

Administration Panel

Keeps real-time track of the number of resolved and unresolved complaints

Streamlines the information about the complaint

Contains information of the tenant

A comprehensive history of the complaints logged

Information about all the services and handymen hired

Information of the building manager

Details of the maintenance teams under Real-Estate Company

Track of procurement and material execution

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Procurement Tracking

Helps you monitor the equipment & material purchased – from purchase till usage, our app keeps the track.

Audit Solution Provider

The app itself audits your business transactions and expenditure – no need to do it yourself!

Real-Estate Forecasting

Our app processes the audited data and provides you with precise expense, equipment & material forecasting for your property(s)

Tenants Feedback about the property

Don’t let your tenant vacate the property without you knowing the reason. Our app keeps you updated of tenant’s feedback on the maintenance aspect of property.

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